SMUDGE STICK for healing


This smudge stick smells of your home with a cleansing, soothing, and very herbal scent. It is a combination of two strong herbs, with similar healing and cleansing effects.

One of them is Wormwood, which is known for its cleansing abilities. Not only in our territory, it is probably the oldest herb that was used for rituals and herbal healing. And the second is the Medical Sage, which we chose so that she would not be contrary with the Wormwood (as it could be with the White Sage), but complement her.

This duo will rid you of everything bad, first it will give you a feeling of purification and then a cure.

Our tip: Use especially if you want to cure a disease or you feel bad.

/ length is about 15 cm, due to handmade production, the dimensions may vary slightly from piece to piece /

190.00 Kč