SMUDGE STICK for emotional stability

Out of stock WITH LEMON BALM

The basis of this smudge stick is Wormwood, which is known for its cleansing abilities. Not only in our territory, it is probably the oldest herb that was used for rituals and herbal healing. It is supplemented by Lemon balm, which gives it a refreshing scent and soothing effects. Lemon balm has the ability to strengthen balance, support self-understanding and support work with one's own emotions.

Our tip: Use for evening meditation. This scent will give you enough energy and balance to think clearly, and at the same time it does not stir you up much, but on the contrary - calms the mind.

/length is about 15 cm, due to handmade production, the dimensions may vary slightly from piece to piece/

190.00 Kč