Style, functionality, sustainability. Local small~production, love for the craft and the surroundings. Slow making, long lasting.

The luxury of a hectic world.


The flame of a candle is an integral part of our lives.

It creates a cozy, peaceful atmosphere, leaving us with a feeling of home and security.

With this idea in mind, an e-shop called Plaminek was created in 2020,
an older, slightly more mature version of which you're looking at right now.

It was founded by Šarlota, who you can find out more about on her personal blog.

She wanted you to think of a candle as a little thing that warms your heart.
As the oldest heirloom that lasts for generations, not as a consumable.

To read the stories in your belongings.

To prefer sincerity with tradition to detached consumerism.


Our candles are only made of natural waxes. We use only pure soy wax, made in the UK.

Natural waxes have many benefits. Unlike consumer paraffin, as a by-product of oil, they do not produce dangerous toxins that are harmful not only to your health but also to your surroundings.

It burns longer. Natural wax burns much more slowly, so our candle will last you a while.

To achieve the perfect combination, our candles are scented with natural essential oils and possibly supplemented with dried herbs or spices. They are therefore completely free of synthetic fragrances.

Your health and satisfaction is a priority for us.


Our candles are unwrapped or cast in reusable and recyclable containers.
You can keep, wash and reuse this container after the candle has burned out. Whatever you want.
Or you can return it to us and get a discount on your next purchase.

Let's not make unnecessary waste. We're in this together.


You will not find non-removable stickers on our candles.

Each candle has its own tied label, which is easily removable to avoid the risk of ignition.
The aluminum lid also serves as a base, the candle fits exactly into it.
This will keep your furniture safe, even if the candle heats up more when burning.

Combine elegance with security.


All the additional ingredients we add to natural candles come from the Czech Republic.
We are originally from South Moravia, a region of endless beauty and vineyards.
So, whether it's herbs, flowers or all other dried natural products, we collected them with our own hands.

We make full use of our picturesque surroundings.


Each of our candles is a completely unique.

All are made by hand, with love, in a pleasant environment and from the best materials.
Our philosophy does not support unsatisfactory production conditions, anywhere in the world.

Let's support local producers instead.