SMUDGE STICK for clean home


This smudge stick smells of your home with a soothing, happy, and very herbal scent. It is composed of several herbs so that its effect is as strong as possible and you feel good after it.

The basis of this smudge stick is Wormwood, which is known for its cleansing abilities. Not only in our territory, it is probably the oldest herb that was used for rituals and herbal healing. He is accompanied by Sage, worshiped by the Indians as the holiest and most healing herb. These 2 plants are supplemented by Yarrow, which, like the two previous ones, is used to ward off evil spirits and at the same time to support love and relationships in the household. And finally, the leaves of Basil are added, which will drive away sadness, suffering and bitter melancholy.

/length is about 15 cm, due to handmade production, the dimensions may vary slightly from piece to piece/

190.00 Kč