We lovingly designed and made a wooden mahogany candlestick for our smallest glasses.

It is elegant, made of classy mahogany, the lights just let go and your furniture under it can keep a cool head even if it has a hot candle.

It is made by hand, in the south of Moravia, from mahogany wood, with a lot of patience and love.

Because it is made by hand and from different pieces of wood, each piece is unique. So it is more than likely that he will come home with an equally beautiful, but slightly different piece than the one in the photo.

It will also be sent to you with one (mini) candle and, according to our possibilities, either immediately or no later than a week, when we will be able to fine-tune the last details on it.

The natural mini size candle fits right up to the top edge of the candle holder so that you can close the candle with the lid without removing it from the candle holder.

/height 11 cm, width 7 cm/

990.00 Kč